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31 December 2012



Bill, this is one place I've always wanted to go since I was a wee little girl. Was us as interesting as one would hope?


It really is, Brita. It's just so odd that even today so much is still unexplained.

- What caused the end of the moai-building period?
- What happened so fast that hundreds of moai were abandoned up at the quarry?
- What exactly brought about the end of the civilization? Did they really cut down all the trees on the island, and come on now, why would they do that?

There are enough plausible theories that you can take your pick but when it gets right down to it, nobody really knows, and I guess that's what's most intriguing.

One thing - it's pretty far off the mass tourism circuit and it doesn't look to be joining it anytime soon, so I'd guess if you want to go, it'll probably still be a lot like it always was whenever you get there.

Judy Morrissey

This is a place I really want to go and hope to in the next five years. I have looked at the amazing links on your site and the information makes it all seem very doable. Happy New Year!

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