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27 September 2012


Giana Forzareli

These are magnificent spaces. I wish I could find a place like this to vacation to. My favorite is the study style office with those double story bookshelves. It reminds me of what my granfather's basement used to look like. Every year we would go to one of the vacation rentals in south walton, and take Rt 98 to his house to visit. So many great memories. Thanks for sharing these amazing designs and bring back memories.

Veikko Styrman

I seen that if you are looking for a reason to travel this can be the first reason,very nice place i can say.In Finland country many of people really love to travel because of their hotels too.Most of them are made good and look luxury but very cheap for accommodation in fact many of traveler in different part of the world really like it specially the services.Anyway i am really speechless to see this kind of hotels really look amazing.

Jade Austine

A beautiful vacation rentals. These are unusual place but for sure many will love to have a vacation on these relaxing and very comfortable acommodation.

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