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06 March 2012


Laurence Mitchell

I hope you enjoy your time in Havana, Bill. I haven't been there since the 1990s - it was great then, and already they were starting to gentrify parts of Old Havana.

There were Americans there then who came through the back door via Mexico or the Bahamas. Still, it strikes me as strange that US citizens still can't freely travel there. Perhaps not so strange when you consider the considerable political influence of the powerful(Republican) US-Cuban lobby.

Anyway, have a great time.

Hasta La Victoria Siempre (as they say),


Laurence, thank you, and I have been remiss in pointing CS&W readers to your most recent trip, again ahead of the pack, to Burma. Go see what Laurence has to say at


Of COURSE you've gotten to Cuba before me.

We're here, a little bit addled in a very loud, raucous South Beach, Miami, waiting for our 5:00 a.m. check-in to Havana tomorrow. Looking forward to reporting here on the blog.

Laurence Mitchell

Well Bill, you got to Burma 15 years ahead of me!

I look forward to reading your reports of Cuba - I am sure you'll get some great photos too. Enjoy.

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